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Caring for your soap

A very common question is  “How long does handmade soap last?”  A typical bar of handmade soap will have a shelf life of around a year if it is stored in a cool dry area, although the fragrance will fade over time. If you find your scent fading, sometimes it can be brought out by rubbing the bar with a cloth, exposing a new surface.

Most people want to know how long a bar of hand made soap will last once they start using it. As handmade soap retains all of the naturally occurring moisturising glycerin (commercial soaps have this glycerin removed as a by-product), it is much more solvent. To ensure that your Heavenly Bubbles bar lasts as long as possible, never let it stand in water. Make certain your soap dish allows the water to drain completely away from the soap, allowing it to thoroughly dry out between uses. We find that the average life-span is about 1 month. Larger households will need to replace it more frequently.

Factors that affect life-span are usage, drainage/drying time, soap hardness and storage. With a little care, your Heavenly Bubbles soap will last just as long as commercially produced soaps.